Forget about the Dryer


I recently received an energy analysis on my home. The visual diagram scared me at first. The energy saving target line was green, (of course). The line signifying my energy use was yellow, and it fell far below the green line.  Turns out, that’s a really good thing.

I’m conservative with energy, having lived off-grid with solar-power and water catchment and having realized just how precious it all is, but, I’m not austere.  I turn on the heat when I’m too cold or turn on the air if it’s too hot.

I think one of the biggest contributors to my savings on energy costs is that I don’t use the dryer much anymore.

This is new for me. We recently moved into a neighborhood where the matriarchy of the home across the street everyday faithfully hangs the clothes for the three generations that live in her home.  Everyday a new set of colorful arms and legs, sheets, baby blankets and undergarments wave and undulate. I am always struck by the beauty and simplicity of this circus-like spectacle with it’s bright stripes and patterns.

So, I resolved to try it myself. What a strange pleasure. Not I not only enjoy the view, I also enjoy the savings and they are significant!


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