Don’t Recycle Receipts!

For sometime, scientists have known BPA’s potential for harm.  Now it seems we arebpa-trash just beginning to realize the breadth of the many  illnesses to which this endocrine disruptor may contribute-  diseases like cancers, diabetes, birth defects and malformations, reproductive diseases, obesity and even neurological damage.

Because so may types of receipts (credit card, grocery, ATM receipts, baggage checks) still contain poisonous BPA, it is important to realize that though our instincts tell us to recycle receipts, their current best place is in the garbage.

When BPA enters the recycling chain, it contaminates other recyclables as well as entering the water system because of all the water used in the recycling process. So until receipts are digital, throw them in the garbage where BPA can, hopefully, break down before contaminating other packaging, products and our water.


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