Support your LOCAL natural food store

new frontierI miss the hippies, that herby smell and the waft of castile soap. I miss the days when all hip towns had a local natural food store in each neighborhood.  These corner stores had everything a cook or a hungry hippie needed.  And they had soul.  Kids were unleashed with dirty faces and hands; outside, dread-locked dudes sat curbside smoking hand-rolled cigarettes with sage and mullein. The bulk bins overflowed with nutritional yeast and carob-coated seeds.  You could actually hear a whole conversation about someone’s muddy two-mile driveway and how they had to hitchhike to town and needed a ride back.  God, I miss those quiet, fragrant days.  Inside there were little counter-cafes with real food, maybe not, you know, Whole food, but it was real… wheat pizza with too much cornmeal and tempeh sausage, that kind of thing.  People were friendly.

It’s true- “Whole Pay Check” has it all, including the folks who shop and drive too fast. The over-achiever types that demand you to move for them with their sullen, disapproving faces  as they spin down the store aisle or parking lot.  The same folks who block the dairy refrigerator with their babies in grocery carts laden with protective fabric seat-covers to avoid bad bacteria.  In the parking lot, their Priuses and Range Rovers zip between the butts of other racing cars and gaggles of hyper-productive shoppers.

Ahhhh, but back to the little natural food stores.  The ones with the small, quiet aisles and real house plants hanging from the ceiling.  Some of these little natural food stores still exist. I encourage everyone to find them and support them.


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