Clean Drinking Water


Clean Drinking Water

In the US, we are fortunate to have fairly clean water sources.  Most of us have healthy drinking water, right from the tap. But many of us prefer the taste of filtered water, which is often what is found in bottled water.

If you are not drinking your tap water, maybe because of taste, or suspicion of unhealthy contaminants, try a gallon jug filter, or one that goes right on your kitchen tap. There are many filters on the market, ranging in price from ten dollars to thousands of dollars. Many of the inexpensive ones work just fine.

Once you have found the filtered water you like, stop buying plastic bottled water and purchase a few stainless steel containers to fill and carry with you on outings. This little deed will go far in protecting the earth and the creatures who inhabit it. The devastation from plastics in the oceans is at a fever pitch and is only getting worse at this point. We can make a difference with our actions.


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