CSA- Community Supported Agriculture

greensSpeaking of greens, do you know where yours come from? Most of the time, most of us have no idea. I know that when I know where my greens come from, I feel a certain satisfaction, especially when I learn that I’m eating local!

This fall, I have been gifted lots of veggies from two neighbors who participate in farm co-ops, or CSA’s (community supported agriculture). The food has been outstanding and I have been exposed to vegetables that I have never had. Hence, I have cooked things I never have. I know. It’s a learning curve, but what a great learning curve it is. If you are like me, you can’t eat the same thing every Wednesday night. I like my OCD’s to manifest in more minute ways. When it comes to food I love variety. CSA’s not only provide families with great nutrition at an affordable price, they also provide the armature for creative thinking.

Below is a link to a website/database of CSA’s and farms across the country. Just plug in your zip code and learn what is available in your town. Many CSA’s will deliver food to your home, or at least to a community drop site. It seems to be an even better deal if you go in on a package with friends or neighbors. In addition to vegetables, some CSA’s provide eggs, meats, local honey, cheese and other food items to their list of offerings.

Happy Eating!



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