Testing, Testing… BPA Receipts


I mailed some store receipts off last week to be tested for BPA in a lab. Not a cheap experiment, I might add. Before mailing them in, I used an at-home BPA test which tested positive, but I want to be really sure.  All the receipts are from grocery stores.

Most stores are moving away from BPA coated receipts, but some are still using them. Some might be using BPA and not be aware. I know that receipt tape rolls that do not contain BPA are more costly.

After learning how toxic BPA is and learning that it is especially transferable through receipt tape, I have been super concerned for the cashiers that handle these receipts all day.  I have been observing how few employees protect themselves. I have only observed gloves on one person’s hands in the last few months. Another worrisome factor is that most cashiers apply skin cream frequently because their hands get chafed. Apparently, wearing moisturizer adds to the absorption of BPA. How many times have you noticed a bottle of hand cream near the register?

I have learned that the biggest risk is posed to pregnant women and to their developing fetus’s. I can’t help but wonder how many cashiers are aware of the risks of BPA?


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