Raising Chickens, Eggcetera…

3morebirdsThere really is nothing like collecting eggs from your very own chicken friends, especially a menagerie of colorful breeds!

Chickens come in all kinds of colors and sizes.  Each breed has distinct characteristics. Some are just beautiful and some are just great at laying lots of eggs. Some are known for their delicious meat.

If you’re planning to create your own backyard chicken farm, be sure to do a good bit of research before you decide to take the plunge. Raising chickens is a rewarding but demanding commitment. You ‘ll need to build an enclosure and a coop. You’ll need to choose the right birds for your needs and to consider any predators that might cause problems like fox or coyotes.

I highly recommend taking care of a friends chickens while they’re away, to get a sense of the responsibility involved. It will do you both good!  You’ll get a more real sense as to whether you’re able to handle the responsibility long term and your friends will get a little time away. Who knows, maybe they’ll repay the favor if you decide to move forward with your own chickens.

Mother Earth News, a  publication that has been a favorite of mine through the years, has many pertinent articles on choosing the right birds, raising eggs and raising meat.

Following is a nice starter page at the Mother Earth News website on raising chickens, but be sure to poke around the site to find other relevant articles. There are many!



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