Get Your Greens….. and reds, and browns, and oranges, and yellows….

A friend reminded me to eat more salad. I know, it seems silly that I need reminding. But in the middle of winter, I’m thinking of heavy food… cheese, bread, the usual naughty suspects. Any you know how you get cheese belly after a while of this. jar

She mentioned chard and kale and I remembered years ago when I used to make a winter salad with kale and cabbage. I eat lots of steamed greens in the winter, but it’s nice to have fresh too!

A musician friend had turned me onto this uncooked kale salad because he was living on the road and didn’t have refrigeration. In other words, this salad can keep for at least a few days (a week in the fridge). I’ve been making it again and I just can’t get over how delicious it is!

Now I chop the greens on Sunday and mix the ingredients every 2-3 days in a jar. You can use almost any veggie that will keep for a bit, add those that don’t keep well on the day of eating, but the base will be ready.

Roll the greens and chop finely. I like to chop the chard and kale and cabbage on Sunday. I also toast a bunch of pecans in a dry cast iron skillet. Every few days I grate carrots, beets and add chick peas. After I’ve layered the ingredients in a jar, I add raw apple cider vinegar,toasted sesame oil and salt and pepper. You can add olive oil or lemon, but the vinegar is important. If you like tomatoes, onions or any more perishable veggies, add them that morning. Let the veggies hang out there in the vinegar and before opening, shake it just a little to move the vinegar around. I find that one big mason jar last me 2-3 days.



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