Oh Sweet Honey!

A beekeeper tending to his hive. Photograph: Matt Cardy/Getty

I don’t know if you like honey, but I LOVE honey! A lot. I’m like, worse than a bear. If I could slurp up a gallon of honey from a hive, I would. That’s how much I love honey. I drink honey in my coffee everyday. I bake with it, I put it in my oatmeal. I’m addicted.

But sadly, honey bees are in trouble. They are dying off-big time. You might have heard. There’s lots of speculation and much research into why. It would seem to be a bunch of things that when added up create the perfect storm, with the human race as storm maker stirring the pot.

The herbicides,  pesticides and fungicides that are rampant in farming are absorbed by the bees during the pollination process. These poisons are poisonous to the bees too.  If they don’t kill the bee immediately, they weaken their resistance to viruses, parasites and illness. But the pain doesn’t stop there. Modern day farming practices create what are called monoculture farms. There is no longer diversity in farming. A giant, single crop is grown; the crop flowers, grows the food we need and then becomes a flower desert, where nothing is flowering most of the time. Bees need food year round. They too are living beings who need nutrition.

Last year alone we saw a diminishment of the bee population by one third. That’s in one year and it keeps repeating. Without bees, we have no pollination. Without pollination, we have no vegetables, no fruits.

So, what can we do? Surprisingly, the answer is beautiful! Plant flowers that bees love to feed on! And don’t use chemicals to care for them. There are more things we can do. Click on the link below for a list of 10 things to help the bees.


Why Care about Bees-

This is a great and simple TED talk on bee significance and why they are disappearing:


Grow Flowers! Peace out and BEE STRONG!


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