Careful with Exfoliants- a clean face is a messy business!


The New York Times recently reported on the New York proposed ban on microbeads used in exfoliants. You might know the little mercurial buggers found in face washes. They feel like tiny little tapiocas. Unfortunately, they’re little beads of plastic that are showing up en masse in the Great Lake region, especially on the New York shores of Lake Erie. The beads slip through water-treatment plants and flood right into the lakes where they become coated with other toxins and then ingested by aquatic life.

I learned more on

“According to advocacy group 5 Gyre, which conducted a soon-to-be published study of water in the Great Lakes, microbeads are one of the most “egregious sources” of plastic pollution because they are designed to be washed down the drain.” (reported by Shook Hardy & Bacon LLP and Debra S. DunneLaurie A. Henry and Madeleine McDonough from the Association of Corporate Counsel at

See the article in the New York Times to learn more:


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